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Heart's Art features the work of Sarasota, FL artist and woodworker Shawn O'Malley.  His passion to turn salvage and recycled materials into beautiful, functional, and timeless pieces of furniture like farm tables, benches and occasional tables.  Shawn's rustic and primitive furniture is inspired by a commitment to keep salvage lumber and materials out of landfills, as well as to try to save our quickly vanishing local history.  His primary focus is to create functional and beautiful furniture and art which will add to the already long story and history of the materials he is using.

Pecky Cypress Farm Table


The oldest form of theater is the dinner table. It's got five or six people, new show every night, same players. Good ensemble; the people have worked together a lot.
Michael J. Fox

Check out our Rustic and Primitive Furniture!

Farm Tables


Occasional Tables


"Chicken Coop" Television Console

8' Cypress-Planked Table and Bench

Chunky "Beam" Bench

Extra-Tall Barn doors

Custom Sliding Barn Doors!

8' Limed-Cypress Sawbuck Table

7' Cypress Trestle Table with Benches

12 1/2' long Cypress Table with Center Trough!

9' Long Cypress Table with Benches

Square Cypress outdoor Patio Table

Tuscan-Inspired Cypress Farm Table with Iron Accents

Cypress/Steel Industrial Coffee Table

Cypress Cross-Base Table in Paradise!

Cypress/Heart Pine/Iron salvaged Side Table

6' Cypress Table with Company Boards

8' Cypress Table with extra-thick Stretchers

Industrial "Block" Stool

Distressed Grey Parson's Style Desk

Weathered Gray Cypress Table

Extra-Thick 7' Harvest Table

Primitive Televison Console

6' Heart Pine table with Industrial Iron Base

Television Console made from Architectural Salvage

Kitchen Island with 3" Butcher-Block Top and Stools

8' Chunky Harvest Table made from Salvaged Fir Beams

Heart Pine Harvest Table with Company Boards

7' Salvaged Pine Table

5' long Primitive Sway Bench

7' Heart Pine Trestle Table wth Company Boards

Salvaged Cedar "Cottage Chic" Table with Company Boards

Cypress Harvest Table with Distressed Wooden Bench

Salvaged Butcher Block with Iron Base Kitchen Island

Cypress Swing Bed for home on Cayo Costa Island

Writing Desk made from Salvaged Ringling Hotel Beam

Triple "Sawbuck" Heart Pine Bench

3'x4' Heart Pine Coffee Table with Iron Insets

Heart Pine Coffee Table with Curved Base and Iron Straps

Salvaged Heart Pine Coffee Table

8' Heart Pine Table with Tapered Legs

8' Yellow Cedar Table with Iron Base

9' Salvaged Heart Pine Harvest Table

7' Cypress and Iron Legged Table

6' Heart Pine Farm Table with Fluted Legs

7' Heart Pine Table with large turned legs

6' Heart Pine Table with Company Boards

8' Heart Pine Table with Tapered Legs

8' Heart Pine Harvest Table

Salvaged Cypress Coffee Table with Shelf

Awesome round table with Shabby-chic finish

10 1/2' Cypress Harvest Table

5 1/2' Heart Pine bench with origional saw-mill marks

7' Salvaged Heart Pine Table with Tapered Legs

6 1/2' Sawbuck Style Salavged Cypress Table

Very cool "Industrial Chic" Television Console

8' Alaskan Yellow Cedar Table with Iron Base

6' Cypress Farm Table turns into 8' with Company Boards

Simple Cypress Bench with Back

Pecky Cypress in Paradise!

Salvaged Yellow Cedar coffee table base with glass top

Pecky Cypress Sofa Table and Shelves

6' Cypress Farm Table

Awesome 6' long Cypress and Iron Coffee Table

8' Long Dark-Stained Cypress Harvest Table

Great little bench made from Salvaged Shutters

Very cool 8 1/2'+ Harvest Table made from salvaged cypress

Cypress Sofa Table with Iron Strut Base

40" Iron and Cypress Coffee Table

Triple-Sawbuck Heart-Pine Bench

6' Heart Pine Table with Stretchers

Antique-limed Parsons Table

Just in - pictures of XL island top installed

7 1/2' Cypress Table built for Shawn's Mom

Here are the Thurston's with their new coffee table!

Custom Heart-Pine Bookbinding Table

This extra tall bench was made for seating at a breakfast bar. Made from salvaged Heart Pine.

Check out this table donated to the Sarasota History Center display for the Ringling Towers Hotel!

10' Long Heart Pine table heading for NY City

7' Cypress Trestle Table with 3" thick top

How do you add a feeling of warmth & age to a new home? With salvaged cypress countertops!

Awesome Cypress Table and Drawered Server made from Salvaged Wood!

Awesome Bench on casters made from Architectural Salvage from Ringling Towers!

7' long table with iron base and pecky cypress top

This great little coffee table is made from salvaged Alaskan Yellow Cedar with aniron base

Coffee Table made from hand-painted cypress salvaged from the John Ringling Towers, Sarasota, FL

Big chunky coffee table with 6x6" legs

This awesome table was custom made to fit in Sarasota family's dining "niche"

Cool Sofa Table made from Salvaged Architectural Elements

9'+ long Wide-Screen TV Media Table

Awesome 8' Pecky Cypress Farm Table

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