These tables are made from wood salvaged and recycled from "previous lives" as flooring and architectural lumber.  The character and memories carry on in the new pieces.  It is our hope that the luck and love they bring with them rub off on the current and future generations of friends and family that gather around them.

8' Cypress-Planked Table and Bench

12 1/2' Long Cypress / Metal Harvest Table

"Gothic" Style Trestle Table and Benches

8' Sawbuck Table with "Limed" Cypress Finish

Square Cypress Patio Table

Tuscan-style Cypres Table with Iron Accents

9' Long Cypress Table with benches

7' Dark Stained Cypress Table with Bench

8' Cypress Table with extra-thick Stretchers

6' Cypress Farm Table with Company Boards

7' Extra-thick Fir Table

Kitchen Island with 3" Butcher-Block Top and Stools

8' Dining Chunky ining Table

7' Heart Pine Trestle Table with Compnay Boards

Iron and Salvaged Wood Kitchen Island

Salvaged Cypress Harvest Table

Cottage Chic Farm Table with Company Boards

Writing Desk made from Cypress Salvaged from Ringling Towers Hotel

8' Heart Pine Table with Tapered Legs

8' Yellow Cedar Industrial Table with Iron Base

9' Salvaged Heart Pine Table

7' Cypress and Iron Legged Harvest Table

6' Heart Pine Farm Table with Fluted Legs

6' Heart Pine Table with Company Boards

7' Heart Pine Table with Big Turned Legs

8' Heart Pine Table with Turned Legs

8' Heart Pine Table with Tapered Legs

Hand painted and distressed round table

10 1/2' Salvaged Cypress Harvest Table

7' Heart Pine Table with Tapered Legs

6 1/2' Sawbuck-style Cypress Table

8' Alaskan Yellow Cedar Table with Iron Base

6' Cypress Farm Table extends to 8' with Company Boards

6' Cypress Farm Table

8' Long Dark-Stained Cypress Table

8 1/2'+ salvaged cypress Harvest Table

Antique-Limed Pine Parsons Table

6' Heart Pine Table with Stretchers

7 1/2' Cypress Harvest Table

This Heart-Pine Table was specially designed to be used for Book-binding

10' Long Heart-Pine Farm Table with hand turned 6x6 Legs

7' Cypress Trestle Table

Pecky Cypress plank Harvest Table with custom-made Iron Base

6'+ Salvaged Cypress Farm Table and 9-Drawer Server

This 7' long Salvaged Cypress Table and Benches were made for Emily and Jim in Sarasota, FL

Custom-Shaped Cypress Table

8' Cypress Table and matching Bench
This great table was made from salvaged cypress beams for a family here in Sarasota, FL

8' long Pecky Cypress Farm Table
This great table was made from planks salvaged by the client during the remodel of her historic home

9 1/2' Cypress-Topped Primitive Table
This table and matching benches are off to a new home With Cassie and her family in Delaware!

Table made from salvaged cypress shutters
This table is made from a pair of beautiful shutters salvaged from the John Ringling Towers

9-foot heart-pine table with stretchers
Custom made table for customers in South Florida

11' Heart Pine Farm Table
This extra-long table was custom made for an Orlando area family.

6' Pine Farm Table
This table is made from salvaged pine floorboards saved from a barn on a peach farm in central GA

7' 10" Pecky Cypress Farm Table
Pecky Cypress Table
Made from salvaged flooring boards saved from a downtown Sarasota, FL train unloading dock.

10' Harvest Table
Heart Pine Harvest Table
Made from 2" thick heart-pine flooring planks.

Primative Desk
primative desk
This 6' desk is made from 90 year old salvaged heart pine flooring

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